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Technical Support

The Sabreen Studio in Jerusalem is the fruit of much labor, a dream actualized in 1991. The group had long sought to record in a modern, fully equipped studio, in a setting not unfamiliar to Palestinian musical traditions. There were however, no Palestinian-run recording studios in Jerusalem, the West Bank, or Gaza with the means to record sufficiently high quality productions. It is at this Jerusalem based center that Sabreen established its own recording studio, the first such of its kind in Palestine.

Seeing the necessity of filling this void if a musical environment was going to blossom and grow, the group took upon itself the task of establishing its own studio. Sabreen moved to a new bigger location, on Shiekh Jarrah street in Jerusalem, and set out equipping what was to become a full-size studio and production facility, defined for the purpose. Equipped with advanced recording capacity, the studio and its sound engineer have produced Sabreen’s two most recent albums. To fill the need within the industry, the group has opened its studio to members of the community who are interested in utilizing the facilities for recording purposes. 


Sabreen studio is a full service unit designed to meet the diversified audio needs of the 21st century, with professional quality and state of the art digital recording facilities. The recording studio facilitates all types of vocal and instrument recording. Its comfortable environment is suited for solo vocalists, groups, voice over commercial recording and instrumental combos. Sabreen works with individuals on audio applications and projects for Educational, Recreational or personal interest. Every project it produces is customized to meet the needs of each individual client.

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