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Sabreen started as a musical group in Jerusalem in 1980 and developed into Sabreen Association for Artistic Development in 1987 as a non-profit, community based organization that specializes primarily in promoting music and combining it with different artistic expressions and forms. Sabreen focuses its work in Competence Building, Technical Support, and Production. Sabreen has become a strong hub for individuals and organizations from all artistic backgrounds and disciplines. It is recognized locally And internationally and operates through its main office in Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem.  

Sabreen Band Albums

Smoke of the Volcanoes
دخان البراكين
Death Prophet.jpg
Death of the Prophet
موت النبي
Here Come the Doves
جاي الحمام
Ala Fein
على فين
The Breakup: A Project for Jerusalem
Death Prophet.jpg
Death of the Prophet- Vinyl
جاي الحمام - الفينيل 


A Recreational Relief Program through Music and Art In the times of Corona (Duration August 2020- June 2021)


To establish a recreational relief program through music and art to provide relief of the difficult circumstances associated with the Corona virus and its implications. Through music and art, we intend to help guide our society, children in particular, through this ordeal and help them cope with the state of isolation. 

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