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Sabreen Association for Artistic Development


In 1987 Sabreen expanded into Sabreen Association for Artistic Development, working as a non-profit community based organization to promote music and combine it with different artistic expressions. Sabreen has focused its work on aiding local artists into manifesting their talents. Sabreen strives to reach a wider range of the society including the most underprivileged seeking to enhance the understanding of music and its role in the development of the society's culture.As Sabreen’s work is distinctive and strenuous from the work of any other organization, maintaining a market in which to promote and sustain a successful platform has been increasingly more difficult. Through stubbornness and flexibility Sabreen has been able to stay active during the passing year, having to compensate for the lacking infrastructure necessary for its growth.

Sabreen's work in Jerusalem, can be seen through projects, such as but not limited to, Ghaneeha and HipHopKom. Sabreen has focused their resources to develop community based activities to reach all branches of Palestinians. 

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