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A Recreational Relief Program through Music and Art In the times of Corona (Duration August 2020- June 2021)


To establish a recreational relief program through music and art to provide relief of the difficult circumstances associated with the Corona virus and its implications. Through music and art, we intend to help guide our society, children in particular, through this ordeal and help them cope with the state of isolation. 

The program was designed to be:

Therapeutic: The workshop sessions, to be conducted alongside trained psychologists and social workers, are designed to provide youth with the tools through which anger, frustration, anxiety, and
fear could be released.

Expressive: The team will design the sessions to tap into and enhance the children’ creative potential
through sessions in which they are able to improvise, compose, and transform their feelings and
emotions into artwork.

Embracing a cause: The program was designed to relay a child’s message to the local and international community and generate awareness on the impact of violence.

SUfi Production

(Duration January-June 2019, December 2018 – May 2019, March 2021 –June 2021)

The project aimed on producing, promoting and displaying a distinctive artistic Sufi production that aims to preserve the Palestinian identity.

In particular, the project focused on training 14 person including musicians and vocalists for a period of six months for Sufi production, as this production contributes to creating an integrated Sufi artistic group.

The project has built foundations to provide job opportunities in Sufi Art, and it is expected that the beneficiaries will participate in many future performances, and thus the project formed an integrated and sustainable Sufi artistic group.

During the project, 7 musicians were trained on different musical instruments, a total number of 7
vocalists and singers were selected to participate in the project. An Intensive 20 hours training for the two groups of musicians and singers were conducted.

4 songs were composed, distributed and composed specifically for the project.


Arts managment

(Duration 2017 - 2020)

The overall goal of the

Arts Management program is to:

“Increase the capacity of sustainable and influential Palestinian cultural institutions in Arts Management by developing an Arts Management program in partnership with NYU Steinhardt Experts, which enhance the development impact on the most vulnerable and improve Understanding
between Palestinians and Americans through artistic collaboration.”


The impact of the program is to enhance the organizational capacity of cultural institutions to increase their impact on vulnerable Palestinians. This will strengthen the Palestinian people's sense of purpose and resilience amidst conflict, build empathy for a two state solution, and facilitate for mutual understanding and cooperation between Palestinians and Americans.


1. The process for content development was initiated, and the selection of program participants was done after the Needs Assessment, and with the close cooperation and consultation with the US Consulate, Bethlehem University, and Columbia University.
2. Arts Management Work Plan and all Curriculum was developed for the 4 Modules.
3. Certificate Program and the graduation of the 20 participants from representative Palestinian cultural organizations was successfully completed at Bethlehem University.
4. Summative Evaluation was conducted and finalized highlights the program evaluation, success, and provides lessons learned and recommendations.
5. Proposals were submitted and approved for Dar al Fonoon and Art Lab local NGOs, and were implemented successfully with the close support and mentorship of Sabreen team.


(Duration 2002 - 2017)

Music for everyone is the continuation of Bidayat: a program funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to facilitate the execution of music based programs such as training workshops for teachers, musicians, youth and adults, children’s performances, school concerts, festivals, and summer music camps.

The program is operated and implemented as partnership between Sabreen Association for Artistic Development on the Palestinian side and Concerts Norway on the Norwegian side. The program also includes a strategic partnership between the three school systems: Governmental, UNRWA and Latin Patriarchate, under a memorandum of understanding and agreement signed with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The program also involves cooperation with community organizations, NGOs and individuals.


The goal of the program is to develop music education and performing arts in the Palestinian Community.



1. Music Education

  • Teachers, facilitators, supervisors and musicians have developed their musical skills and enhanced their positions in music education within a supportive school environment.

  • Students experience aesthetic, humanistic, and musical benefits as a result of instruction in music as a subject area.

  • Students are exposed to informal music education and participate at festivals, concerts and live performances as part of the after-school programs.

2. Revise and improve Musical Resource Material

  • Music teaching books for grades 1,2, 3 and 4 are produced

  • Targeted schools in the project have received materials for music education for grade 1 – 4

3. Music and Art Centers

  • The Music and Art Centers have developed a stronger position in the community

  • Schools and community centers act as hub for creating and developing localized music resources at district and national levels.

  • Children and staff have improved their musical skills through the musical activities organized by the Music and Art Centers.

4. Concert for children and youth

  • Sabreen distributes a wide range of school concert programs to children and youth in Palestine.

  • More Palestinian children have access to live music.

  • Palestine musicians have improved their skills in promoting live music for children and youth

  • Palestinian Musicians have greater access to job and economic sustainability of their profession as musicians.

5. Exchange and development of Networks

  • Network with competent musicians and partner organizations are created to act as principal channel for musical arts performance to promote and sustain Sabreen as a Palestinian Music Centre.

  • Improved opportunities for Palestinian musicians and music teachers for international dialogue, performances, training and contacts.

  • Greater knowledge and awareness for Arab culture and musical expressions are created on the international scene.



Musical Productions for Jerusalemites (2022-2023)

As part of as part of ASAS (Jerusalem Art & Production Consortium) supported by the European Union, Sabreen announced an open call for Jerusalemite individuals and groups between the ages of 16 and 30 to work on a musical production with the help of Sabreen. The program includes full support and mentorship from professionals in the music industry. We are currently accepting applications, click here to apply

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