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Ala Fein

Here come the Doves

Death of the Prophet

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Smoke of the Volcanoes




Jbeineh 5:21
On Wishes 5:03
Love on the Palestinian Way 8:06
Opening "Al Fateha" 2:48
Smoke of the Volcanoes 4:39
On Man 6:42
Improvisation 1:03
Drink 3:06
 A Mother Lyllaby 5:29

Produced by Sabreen, 1984



Lyrics: Mahmoud Darwish, Hussein Barghouthi, Abd AlLatif Aakel, Abd AlAziz Mouqlah, Samih AlQasem
Composition: Said Murad
Lead vocals, Qanoon: Kamilia Jubran
Contrabass, vocals: Odeh Turjman
Guitar: Issa Freij
Oud, percussion: Said Murad
Buzuq: Jamal Moghrabi



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