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Music and Change

SABREEN started as a musical group in Jerusalem in 1980 and developed into SABREEN ASSOCIATION FOR ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT in 1987 as a non-profit, community based organization that specializes primarily in promoting music and combining it with different artistic expressions and forms.

Sabreen functions in the following main streams:

Sabreen became a strong hub for individuals and organizations from all artistic backgrounds and disciplines. It is recognized locally and internationally and operates through its main office in Jerusalem and a branch office in Bethlehem.  





Fannan Almadares “Ghaneha”  

Sabreen in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the sponsorship of the U.S. Consulate General Cultural Affairs Department in Jerusalem is implementing the project Fannan Almadares "Ghaneha". The project aims at developing the tradition of a “Talent Search” program whereby children move from the learning experience to the performing of art and are thus encouraged to develop talents and create careers in music and arts in general.

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Sabreen Association for Artistic Development P.O.Box 51875 Jerusalem 44 Mt. Olives Road Sheikh Jarrah Tel:+ 9722 5321393 Fax:+ 9722 5321394