About Sabreen



While all Sabreen albums' liner notes include the names of individuals who collaborated with the group, on each recording, the following individuals remain the primary contributors to and full time members of Sabreen.







Said Murad
The founder of the group, Said is also the composer and arranger of all its music. He is the general director of Sabreen Association for Artistic Development and remains one of the prominent figures influencing music in Palestine. He plays numerous oriental instruments for Sabreen recordings, has also co-founded, and trained a number of local music and folk groups. He is on the board of directors for a number of local arts, production, and education centres and was the artistic director of a number of local music festivals. Said also composes music for theatre, films, documentaries, and for folk dance groups.




Kamilya Jubran
Kamilya is the lead singer of Sabreen. She is the group's co-producer and is the vice-director of Sabreen Association for Artistic Development. She learned and trained from her father, a gifted music teacher and instrument maker. Contributing to the lead vocals to all of Sabreen’s productions, she plays Oud and Qanoon.






Wissam Murad
Wissam first developed his voice and percussion skills at the age of five while participating in an educational music band for young people initiated by Sabreen. He went on to learn the Oud in their training center in 1990. He studied jazz piano for three years in a music academy in Jerusalem and he has performed solo in international music festivals and has contributed to recorded film scores, in addition to leading music training workshops with local youngsters.


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