An old Indian legend translated from Persian to Arabic by Abdullah Ibn El-Muqafa, Kalila wa Dumna has become a well-known Arabic literary classic collection of fables about people and animals, that has long been enjoyed by Arab children and adults alike. In this illustrated rendition, Sabreen retells the story of “the Dove, the Fox and the Heron” in simplified language for children. The project aims to provide entertainment, education and advice to all people and to preserve the book through ages. This is done not just by producing the tape but also developing a puppet show portraying the story, puppet play, in cooperation with Al-Qafilah theatre, performing in schools and community centres.

 The story talks about the man who can give advice to others but not to himself with the key characters of the Heron, the dove and fox. The materials aim to build the children’s confidence with the language. The presence of a context and a story line promotes comprehension and enables children to intuit the meaning of unfamiliar words and structures. Children will appreciate both the allegorical and literal value of the stories. They will experience an enriching, more relaxing way to increase their comprehension and speaking skills.

 The production has been recorded and produced at Sabreen studio in Jerusalem, in cooperation with leading musicians and actors. Lyrics of 10 songs and music were composed by Said Murad in addition to 4 musicians and actors who worked on bringing the script to life in the form of a puppet show. The work consists of a Tape and CD, on which the actors recite the selected story.






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