Press Releases



  • Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean XIV Edition Skopje, Macedonia 3rd - 12th September 2008

  • Call for Participants 01/12/2008

  • Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean XIII Edition
    Alexandria, Egypt 25 October – 4 November 2007

  • Call for Participants 31/01/2007

  • Wissam Murad's concert on Friday & Saturday 04 & 05-08-2006 in YMCA (New)
  • Sabreen Participation in the ISME conference (NEW)
  • School concert in Ramallah 2006-5-3 [Ar]

  • "Music for Everyone" as seen from educational and and cultural point of view
  • Newspaper

  • A committee for culture or cinema in Jerusalem? [Ar]
  • Sabreen distributes Music educational materials to schools [Ar]
  • Sabreen produced “Kalila wa Dimna” (the Dove, the Fox and the Heron) a traditional Indian legend in an audio and school concert puppet play.[Ar] [About kalila][En]
  • School Concert Tour in Oslo, November 2005

  • Said Murad talks about Kamilya Jubran's experience at Darat Al -Founoon
  • Palestine participates in the XII Biennial  in Napoli [Ar] [2][Ar] [3][Ar]

  • [info][En]

  • "Sadeeqan " a musical show at schools 07/10/2004 AlDiwan Newspaper
  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete Musical Festival In turkey [Ar]
  • Sabreen in Ramadanat night in Ireland&Bethlehem 04/11/04 Al-Ayyam
  • Evaluation Symposium held by Sabreen Association for Artistic Development, The General Directorate for Student Activities And Rikskonsertene. [Ar] [2] [Ar]
  • Sabreen Association Concludes its Percussion Summer Camp “Arwashat”: 6/7/2004
  • the opening of Arwashat, the musical summer camp.[Ar] [2] [Ar]
  • “Arwashat” Musical Summer Camp 28/6/2004
  • Arwashat Summer camp for children ends with a great musical performed by the kids. [Ar] [2] [Ar]
  • Musicians from Sabreen Association Join the International Youth Orchestra on Tour: 25/6/2004
  • The ending music performance of the Music and Art centres activities on May 5, 2005  [1]  [2] [Ar]

  • Palestinian and French Musicians hold performances in 4 Palestinian Cities: 18/6/2004
  • Future Projections - two documentary works from Sabreen [Turkish & En]
  • Sabreen Group performs at the Palestinian Cultural Night During the World Economic Forum: 16/5/2004
  • Teachers Training Al-Quds Newspaper 02/02/2005
  • Training of Trainers: Al Haya Al Jadeeda 25/01/ 2005

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