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Instrument MAking


Sabreen, aware of the scarcity of music instruments within school classrooms in the Palestinian territories, has worked to develop alternatives to the few available on the market.
Primarily, the project includes making available simple musical instruments that are affordable and applicable to music requirements of the community at large. If more cost effective instruments can be produced, these can either be made directly for the school classrooms, or, if simple enough, even made by the students themselves. Many simple instruments can be constructed out of ordinary materials, and quickly produced to give a number of sounds that can be applied to music instruction in the classroom. It is hoped that such small instruments could be packaged as art of a musical kit for children and teachers in schools.

Additionally, Sabreen has sought to develop and produce more cost effective high quality instruments for use by professionals. It has enlisted the support and technical assistance of outside craftspeople to conduct research on the theory and practice in instrument design.

Invited by Sabreen, Simon Watt, an English economist and craftsman, conducted a research on Oud making and initiated a pilot Oud-making workshop. Many different types of wood and various designs were experimented with so as to find a cost-effective yet quality-sounding, instrument for musicians, locally and abroad

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