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During 2009 Sabreen Assosication for Artistic Development produced HipHopKom, Palestine's first national talent rap contest. Palestinian rappers were given the oppurtunity to perform infront of judges to prove their talents. 14 Palestinian groups/artists selected by a jury in two prior auditions in the West Bank and Gaza will perform live on TV presenting their talents to the judges. 10 participants will be selected by the jury from the West Bank audition out of an estimated number of 200 participants and 4 talents from Gaza. 

The Jury

The jury consisted: 

Shadia Mansour British-Palestinian rapper 

"Zaki" Danish-Egyptian rapper 

Mazzi - Iranian-American rapper and breakdancer 

And local rap pioneers Saz (Ramle) and

rap group Dam (Lyd)

They will give their critique and assessment of the contestants and select talents to undergo training with the jury to prepare for their performance in a show 

Voting and Selection 

Local film crews will follow the event outline and document the development of each day. The Final evemt will be broadcasted on local TV stations and local radio shows. 

The show in Gaza will be held in al Hilal theater in Gaza City and the West Bank show well be held in al Qasaba. 

The winner will be chosen via SMS sent in by the television viewers. 

The winners will be given the opportunity to travel to Denmark and meet and perform with the established Hip Hop scene in July 2009 + record the winning song on a single.

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