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The idea of "music for everyone" encapsulates Bidayat's approach to music development education and training. Bidayat seeks to not only bring music to, but also bring music out of, the Palestinian community. It is based on the belief that, whether an elaborate arrangement or the rhythmic pattern of a single drumbeat, everyone has the capacity to make music. Before written or recorded music, it was impossible to refer to music as anything other than the subjective participation in, or appreciation of, a specific musical context. Gradually, and after recording music, we have alienated ourselves from this essential internal experience. Bidayat renews this natural approach of looking at the music experience, and tap into the potential for musical creativity found in us all. 

Program Vision:

Music and music education in any culture must be rooted in, and grow out of, the music of that culture. Yet at the same time, for it to develop, it needs to incorporate new sounds and attitudes toward other cultures and their music... Bidayat efforts include development, coordination, implementation, and evaluation of such outreach programs as the following:

Building Competence and Training Programs: For music educators, which are geared toward the capacity build up of local music teachers in schools.

Community Music Initiatives: This offers creative alternative music education and development programs to our local area youth.

Music Productions: Which develop and produce audio and visual learning aids and create an encouraging environment to developing musicians and artists.

Resource Development and Research: That develops educational and music resources to schools, teaches as well as individuals and facilitates research on music making, music development, instrumentations and other related topics.

Music Networking: Linking with other artistic groups, governmental and non-governmental organizations and making music information available and accessible.


Bidayat seeks to develop and strengthen the lacking music environment in Palestine and contribute to a holistic cultural development of our peoples, and in particular our youth. It focuses on providing quality music education to schools, music programs in our communities, resource centers to musicians and artists and a network of musicians amongst local and international organizations and individuals. 


Bidayat music projects are varied, sensitive to the age of the musician, previous musical training, familiarity with music theory, etc.. but all share a common vision. All its programs strove to employ an active, not passive, learning process in enhancing musical creativity and understanding. This hands-on approach allows for the interaction with ideas and sounds sounds and encourages experimentation and play according not to write memorizations, but intuition. It draws upon and nurtures the playful creativity found in all of us. 

Our Approach Highlights:

  • Classroom teaching

  • Classroom and/or community area

  • One lesson a week and/or concentrated workshops

  • Hours of daily practice

  • Lecturers and/or facilitators

  • Instruction and/or participatory processes 

  • Written scores and/or careful listening

Our Partners:

Ensuring the success of the Bidayat music programs has required the build-up of relationships to enhance the sense of ownership on the beneficiary and or community side, while fostering the facilitator's role on Sabreen's side. Bidayat is a program of three years funded by the Norwegian Government, to facilitate the execution of music based programs such as training workshops to teachers, musicians, youth and adults, children's performances, school concerts, festivals, summer music camps etc...

The Bidayat program is a result of the cooperation between: Sabreen Association for Artistic Development, Rikskonsertene - the Norwegian Concert Institute in Oslo, the Palestinian Ministry of Education and is executed in cooperation with a number of education institutions, community organization, community clubs, cultural organizations and individuals.


By the end of this project, Sabreen / Bidayat achieved the following results:

Create a music support network to the work of specialized music teachers in schools and in community centers by enhancing the capacities of 400 generalist teachers, artists, and community workers in varied schools, communities, and clubs during the year 2003 - 2005. 

Create and produce resources, materials and productions that are applicable to the music needs of schools as well as the community during the years 2003 - 2004.

Activate and operate the existing music centers operated by the Ministry of Education, and other organizations during the years 2003 - 2004

Establish a Palestininan music resource center that promotes the growth of professional musicians, and environment for music and infrastructure for Palestinians music development and productions on local and regional levels during the years 2003 - 2005.

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