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“Arwashat” is a street music production, indulging children and teenagers in a free and improvised percussion and instrumentation mode. 70 children from different community centres gathered for a week and performed all together at a family concert on July 6 2004.

Music Workshop for Disabled Children:
In cooperation with Diakonnia/NAD Rehabilitation Program, Sabreen musicians led a music workshop and performed at the closing day of the integrated summer camps for the disabled that were organized by Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation – Community based Rehabilitation program (CBR) and funded by Diakonnia.

Music Workshops:
Sabreen was approached by several community centres to lead music workshops and programs during their summer activities. Sabreen aimed at helping these centres and the community they serve deal with the stereotype the community has developed about music and making music, especially when it regards children and their capabilities. All programs were for free.

Music Performances:
During the year 2004, Sabreen its musicians as well as its sub-bands such as Bidayat and Arwashat performed at many musical and cultural occasions explained below:
A. Sabreen Musicians joins French musicians in four concerts in Palestine
B. The International Orchestra for Youth
C. Ramadan Nights
D. Oslo World Music Festival
E. Irish World Music Festival
F. Biennial Festival
G. Music and Art Centres​


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